Our Company
Cozart Brothers has been providing our customers with unsurpassed
quality  grading and paving projects for the past 15 years.  We are
an experience company that offers all types of construction ranging
from parking lot grading, landscape fine grading, and parking
structure grading, to large subdivision housing and roadway grading
and paving.  

We are a company that takes pride in our relationship with its
customers and their needs, regardless of their size.  

Our family approach with our employees allows seamless
communication throughout the company resulting in superior
From the project's start to its finish we offer top of the line
equipment, services, and employees to assist our clients in
achieving their goals, regardless the situation.  
Equipment Fleet and Rental Services
As well as offering our grading and paving services to our clients
Cozart Brothers also extends its services to other grading
contractors in the form of Equipment Rental.  Cozart Brothers rents
equipment with or without an operator.  For a list of all the
equipment in Cozart Brothers Fleet just click on the link below that
says "Cozart Equipment".
Cozart Equipment List
Our Services